Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Earlies

Yay for early presents- Boo for dead batteries.
Today after work on the way to pick up Alex's new camcorder my car battery died. $118 to replace it. And I still need an oil change. Figures.
So when we got to Best Buy we picked up a camcorder for $150 and my early birthday/anniversary present. A canon S5is. Its pretty rad. I like it. A lot.

We've found an apartment to move into in Aug. or Sept. on Bearss near Dale mabry. Its way awesome so everyone will have to come visit all the time and sleep on the futon.
Yesterday I found a bunch of snails all over my plants after the rain storm. I took pictures of them, but theyre on my moms cam. So ill upload them laters.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

We are adventurers!

I want to start an adventure club! Who's with me?!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Shopping Wish List

In order to better manage my spending, I thought it would be best to make a wish list, that way I appreciate my purchases more when I get them :D


Custom Banner Necklace

Geode Ring

Vintage Purse



Terrarium Kit

party pooper

OKay okkay so my birthday isn't for almost another month. It was mostly intended for Alex who keeps asking me what I want. At first I didn't want anything, but after remembering I had money in my pay pal account I went shopping. Well, started to at least. Then I got a little voice in my head again, "You're only allowed to spend that money on business related items, not personal." So I figured if it was really meant for me to have one of the things I would have bought, then maybe id get it for my birthday.
We're still checking out the Pepin beach house as a place for my get together. Ill have to see if we can still get it in time. If we do it'll be in Clearwater? on the 12th and 13th of July. So if anyone has one of the days off, stop by and swim and the pool/beach and hang out.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

hi hi hi how are

Hi I'm Leah. Welcome to my blog.


Here is my birthday wish list:














I really need like 120393473935 of these for all my hats



And my tattoo

without text of course

a kitten would be nice too :>