Saturday, August 2, 2008

yard sale, yard sale, yard sale, craft show, chicken barn

Makes a great day...
Its Saturday and that means YARRRDDDD SALLLLEEEEESS! I got a bunch of cool stuff and only spent $5.75 today.


Then we went to a really good local Maine artist show. Where, of course I had no money to purchase any of the wonderful items I wanted to buy.

This lil beauty was $550. If only I was rich id buy a million....

Insect Lab

And I enjoyed all of Solstice Designs beach stone jewelry! I want a ring sooooo bad.

There was another beach stone artist, Bourne Designs, around the corner near the really good veggie chili stand. I only wish I had gone to an atm before hand to buy anything. But it turns out his shop is in Sullivan, ME , which oddly enough is where our apartment that we are staying at is located. So we may have to take a trip over there.

After that we traveled onto the Chicken Barn. And saw new things that I hadn't seen the first 4 times weve gone there since we arrived in ME. I really wanted a couple things that alex wouldnt let me buy because ive been spending too much money.... HAAA I say to him.

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