Sunday, July 20, 2008

looks like something youd wear to kill somebody

I'm so wrapped up in the new season of project runway that I'm getting distracted from what I originally log on here for. So let me just get it out of my system....
First, this looks soooo psycho

Second shes wearing a garbage efing bag! groossss

Ok so for real now

Today was adventure day!

Angela and I rode up to Gainesville and floated down Ichetuknee River. It was sooo relaxing, aside from the group of floaters behind us. I do wish it had been longer though. It made me miss Wikki Wachee. It was still beautiful. We had hitchhikers! Lazy dragonflies landing on us to sun bathe. Angela named on Blue because he was blue and sang a song about him. I cant wait to see those pictures. If anyone ever gets the chance to float down a river for the first time it should be this one. DO IT.
We saw caves

Tree fingers

and turtles!!!

When we get back from Maine we all need to go to The Devils Mill Hopper for our next adventure!

Its a natural Fl landmark, a sink hole. I found out about it fro my weird Florida book.

I just hope we get there before it turns into a lake.

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homespunangela said...

it reads like a story book....
hooray for tree fingers!!